Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Shout-Out: Bloggy Friend Bill!!!

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

What a special day this is. Our good friend and bloggy neighbor, Bill, is celebrating his birthday! As most of you know, Bill lives and works in Washington D.C. with his partner, Gary. They have a ton of dogs, a few cats, and a beautiful old home that they have renovated over the years.

It has been nearly a year now that Bill and I first met. Through the magic of blogging and YouTubing we have formed an inspiring relationship that I have grown to nearly depend on. It isn't everyday that you actually meet someone online, that can stimulate you enough to want to regularly keep in touch with. Bill has definitely become that person to me. I am a huge fan of his videos, and am even more in love with his witty advice and creative commentary. If his words aren't putting a big smile across my face, they are definitely provoking thought in my head. That's the kind of friend I love - and I can honestly say today that the world is a better place because Bill Fogle was born a couple of few years ago!

I hope you have a fantastic birthday, Girl! Let's all join in wishing our good friend Bill the best birthday yet. I posted a video below of the first day we were able to meet face to face. I believe another of those visits is coming along soon! Have a good one.




Rick Watson said...

Aww Josh,

What sweet, kind words you have for Bill!

:::::: happy birthday mr bill fogle! ::::::

I've only known of you for a short time through our blogging, but I feel as if I've known you for so much longer. I guess that's because we seem to be so comfortable communicating with each other and do so quite often on our blogs! Thanks to Joshua for introducing me to the blogosphere and to introducing me to Mr Bill Fogle himself! The woman of the hour! Hope you and yours are having a great birthday evening Bill! Again, Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Hey Josh! It has been almost a year since I found you on YouTube (doing a scene from "Being Bobby Bown"). Sometimes I try to put myself back there and remember what it was that drew me in about your videos. It was that you sang so much (and at the most unexpected times ... like, in the middle of a normal sentence), that you had a southern accent, and that you were so unpretentious. That last was probably the most impressive.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, and thanks to the Bloggy Bitches who have come to seem like good friends. Hell - you are good friends!!!!

(And advance wishes to Alan for his upcoming birthday! I know it's soon ...)

Casey said...

Happy Birthday indeed! Hope you had a great day.

I dont think there is much more to say other than your comments about him. He's a great bloggy friend!!!