Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Not The Party I Had Planned"

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends.

Today in an eloquent speech, at the National Building Museum in D.C., Hillary officially suspended her campaign and threw her unequivocal support to Senator Barack Obama. Throughout the course of the speech she graciously thanked her legion of supporters, and remarked upon the importance of the success she did achieve. Because of her we step into the future knowing women across the country can obtain anything they set their minds to. I'm so proud of what she has accomplished. I won't lie, I'm extremely disappointed in the final outcome. I invested a lot of time and emotion into the idea that Hillary would become our next president - I've even shed a few hundred tears in knowing that those hopes will not be actualized. I truly believed she would have made an amazing Commander in Chief and I will desperately miss being involved in the effort to put her there. I know that she will continue to fight, in an attempt to send this country in the direction of progress. I tip my afro wig to her today, and wish her the very best in her future political/life endeavors. I'm still holding on to the fact that she may join Obama's ticket as the VP, and who knows, we may still have a chance to call her Madam President one day!

Let's all say a little prayer for Hillary today, and take a moment to realize what an impact her involvement in this race will have on our country's future.

I love you all!



Anonymous said...

Wow, she was at the Building Museum down here? I love that place.

Yeah, I wasn't looking forward to this day. But, I think your experience was good, you know, anyway. I will never forget being in the back seat of the car with you, climbing up one of those break-neck Manayunk hills, and you flashing your Hillary sign at a guy walking on the sidewalk. It worked for you, it was something you got into, got excited about, and that was its own reward (right?).

I voted for her b/c I LOVED Bill C. (I don't give a s--t what they say about his behavior), had voted for him both times, and wanted to be able to say I had voted for ALL the Clintons. I braved an ice storm and (ssssh!) forced Gary ("Mr. Political") out into the night when he had shown signs of wanting to stay in and not vote.

I'm a bit sad with you, but your excitement was kinetic and so cool. I loved you for it! :)

Rick Watson said...

Yes, gurl... The day we skipped a trip to NYC to go see Hillary... it just felt right. It felt like the thing to do at the time. I didn't miss seeing NY really at all.

HOWEVER, the next time I'm up your way, we HAVE to go to NYC! I'd like to see the gay pride parade at the end of the month, but probably can't due to my schedule with the class and all.

Like I mentioned to Mr Casey... If Clinton and Obama end up on the dream ticket I think they will win the election, but if not, I'm a little worried that McCain could take it!

With 30% of Hillary's voters being racist, they would vote for McCain simply because he's white!

I just said that to get your attention, but let me ask you... do you think it's a little true?

Rick Watson said...

O - M - G !

by the way.... Whit, have you had facial enhancements to look more like a female and didn't tell me about it?? Bill seems to think so!

Casey said...

I was quite sad to see the end result as well, and actually shed some tears on Tuesday night... but had to hold back yesterday as I was watching from the airport.

I am excited nonetheless that we still have a strong and exciting Democrat candidate for the POTUS.

I'm not so sure the dream ticket will materialize, but I would love for it to happen.

You'll have to transfer that Hill spirit to Barack so we can make sure out Supreme Court appointees during the next term will not be more like what Bush has put there. Sigh.