Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kentucky Road Trip, Pt. 2 (Louisville)

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

I hope you are all having a terribly terrific Tuesday! Everything is sunny here in Philadelphia. Here is part two of my Kentucky Road Trip series. In it we drive from Lancaster to Louisville, to pick up Galileo and spend time with family and friends. We had such a great time. I hope Puss doesn't mind that I show off his apartment to everyone! I envy his eye for decoration. My brother has it, but I just didn't get that gene.

Love you all. Have a great day!

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

Galileo is so very adorable in this video. Oh my gosh!

Hey, it was soooooo neat to watch that drop-in visit to Rick's apt. because it was like, "Oh, I know Rick." Hard to explain, but it made the visit that much more fun. Of course the place is atmospheric and gorgeous. Saw that coming. LOL! (In a silly mood today ... please forgive.)

Alan's glasses are smokin'. Have you noticed I have this thing about men in glasses? I always preferred Superman before he changed into the hero outfit.

Wonderful video!!!!

Casey said...

Gailileo is a great addition to the family. He's so cute. I love how you can basically hold him in your shirt.

Puss does have a "dec'd" out place. I cant truly say that I got the fabulous decorater gene either. Oh well.

Fun video, though! I love how no one is shy around the camera.

Rick Watson said...

Ohh, Galileo in the kitchen sink bath all wet was so adorable! He was so well behaved too! What a sweetie pie!

Thanks, Josh, for featuring my home! I'm so glad you changed up the background music for the tour. It was a very chic track! The visit just wouldn't have been as glamorous with country music going!

Derek has the design gene? I never knew! I just assumed he didn't for some reason. I guess I'm thinking back on his apartment on Baxter here in Louisville. It looked a little rough, if I may say so!

Well, have a good evening! Give the baby a
kissie-poo for me! Galileo, not Alan!