Thursday, May 15, 2008

Newest Top Model: Super-Sized Diva

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

I don't watch a huge amount of television, but there are a few shows I never miss. America's Next Top Model is one of them, because it reminds me so much of myself. (wink) Last night was the season finale, and the girl I have been rooting for took home the prize. The winner, Whitney, is the very first "plus-sized" model to ever win the competition. I think she is so beautiful, and she consistently brought the fierceness (did I say that?) to every episode. Congratulations, Gurl. Click HERE to find a gallery of Whitney's model portfolio.

Love you all!



Rick Watson said...

she's a quite voluptuous diva! let's hear it for all the BIG gurls!


Bill Fogle said...

I like photos #5 and #8. The shot of those girls running onto that plane is dreamy.

Edro Edro said...

A new friend has just recently gotten me semi-interested in the show. We were pulling for Whitney too!

TrainingtoTri said...

Yeah, I was so excited about this too! Score one for the gals with a few extra lbs. Too bad these models never really get anywhere.