Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco De Madonna!

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend and are geared up for a fabulous week. From what I see on a lot of your blogs, you have a lot going on in the coming weeks. Mimi is moving into her new chalet in Nashville and was just voted #1 trainer at work. Eddie and Monica took trips back to KY and Tracie is finishing up projects as she tries to conquer her fear of spiders. I haven't heard much from Bloggy Friend Bill lately, but I'm sure he's somewhere having a glass of wine and being a diva! I guess it's the season to have a lot going on, because I'm sure feelin' it too, Bloggy Friends!

As I told you before I just finished up my semester of class time! I am so glad to have that behind me. I now have two weeks of studying and paper writing in preparation for finals. I will finally wipe my hands clean of my Spring 2008 semester at Temple University next Wednesday around 4 o'clock. I can't wait! I shouldn't complain, though. It has been a great semester and my workload hasn't been THAT terrible. I am also blessed in the fact that I have been provided ample time to finish everything and prepare for exams. I really should just shut my mouth and count my blessings!

We had a great weekend. On Saturday we took a trip to the Italian Market Place in South Philly. We heard lots about it before we came, but have just now taken the chance to get over there. What a surprise it was. For a moment, as we walked along the sidewalk, it really felt like we had escaped to in Italy again. We browsed the Italian groceries, picked up fruit in the produce stands and stopped to have a delicious snack of fresh mozzarella and pesto. It was a fantastic afternoon for both of us.

Later that night we headed to the movies with a few of my co-workers. We saw a funny flick called "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." It was a really cute movie. I totally recommend it if you are in the mood for silly, slightly sophisticated comedy. While I'm talking about comedy, I'll also mention that we saw Baby Mama last weekend. It was really cute, too. I love Tina Fey and am thrilled about the success she had with this film. Check them out, Bloggy Friends!

In music news: Madonna's new CD "Hard Candy" dropped last week and, once again, she delivers. I bought it on iTunes and really love it. If you liked Britney's latest album - then you'll really like this one. There are numerous upbeat dance songs that really get me In The Groove. Of course, like on all Madonna albums there are a few duds - but for the most part it's a really enjoyable listen. My favorite tracks so far are - "Candy Shop," "4 Minutes," "Give It To Me," "She's Not Me," and "Dance 2night." Check those out if you only want to buy a few select ones. Check it out!

Well, I guess that's about all the news I have for now. We go to KY to get Galileo in two weekends. At that point I will be out of school and so ready for a little break. Besides meeting him for the first time, I am really anxious to visit with family and friends for a few days. So get ready Puss!

Tomorrow is a big day in the election. Everyone close your pretty little eyes and say a soft prayer for Hillary! Also, for my Bloggy Friends in Indiana and North Carolina, get out and cast your vote!!! I would love to see her pull out some nice wins, or at least significantly narrow the gaps. Go Hillary!

Have a great night. I'll talk to ya'll soon!

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh I meant to give Alan the location of the Italian Market. He was really interested. Fact is ... I've never been, although I did once live at 8th and Snyder Ave. I also lived at 22nd & Fitzwater. Both south Philly. Glad you girls found the market and had a good time.

Hey, I got your schedule totally wrong. I thought you would be in KY the first two weeks in May. So, what? We have to wait until June to learn about Galileo?! OK.

I'll need to check out the links you provided to the other bloggy friends, but, I just want to say that I've read a lot of George Sheehan. I think he was a great writer. And, of course, the grand daddy of running. I'm very into biking these days, and I've been making daily trips through Rock Creek Park in the glorious May sun.

But I'm rambling. You're right ... I'm into the wine right now. Hey - I was Lutheran as a kid. It started with communion! Stop!

I love the big face shot. Just wait 'til you have to start tossing a ball 24/7 and sitting still for a thousand kisses!!!!! Wuff-wuff!!!

Casey said...

Thanks for the Mimi mentions on your blog, gurl.

Wow... I'm still super excited for you to wrap up the semester. I know it's always a relief walking out of a class for the last time.

Anonymous said...

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Edro Edro said...

Yay for the end of the semester. I have three weeks of classes left, and only one week of seniors (thank god!). We'll both make it, no doubt!

Thanks for the movie/music tips. I want to see Baby Mama!

tracie said...

CONGRATS on a great semester!!! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed (mostly) every minute of it! :)

rick said...

gurl hurry up and finish already! c'mon down to ky so i can see galileo!

hey, i was thinking i may start my own blog????

Casey said...

Puss: Of course you should start your own blog. All the divas are doing it these days.