Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bloggy Friend Updates!!!

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Today's post is all about the Bloggy Friends, and what they have been up to recently. I have the best Bloggy Friends in the world. They are all so involved, taking life by the balls as they progress through life like champions! Here are a few of the latest updates.

Have you checked out Rick's (Puss) blog lately? He has posted a whole gallery of some of his art collections. He changes it up from time to time and it's always a nice way to pass a free minute. Sometimes I stop by to feel like I am browsing through an über sexy art museum in between phone calls at work.

I am hotly anticipating the arrival of one of my dearest friends, Casey. He will be in Philly over the next few days for a work trip. When he took on this new job, we were both excited at the possibility of his chance to travel to Philly eventually - and it's finally here! This will be the first time he has visited me here, and the first time we have seen each other since our Loretta Lynn escapade in Kansas City in February 2007! We should be meeting up for drinks when I get off work tonight. I can't wait!

My good friend, Monica, sent me an email today announcing the grand opening of her sister, Tina's, new online store. She will be selling a collection of fabulous, homemade products through one of my favorite websites, Drop by and check it out if you are in the market for cards, bookmarks, cardholders, or even jewelry. It is always good to help out a fellow artists whenever we can! Forget hallmark, visit Tina!

I will close today with one of the most entertaining YouTube videos I have seen - and it just so happens to come from our very own, Bloggy Friend Bill! His videos don't come along as often as I'd like, but when they do they're a guaranteed showstopper. This particular one is an audition for a Youtube dance competition. Yes, he dances! If you like Judy Garland, you'll do flips over this video! for the smiles, Bill. I hope you don't mind if I post them here. I just think everyone should see!

Love and peace to you all!



Anonymous said...

I have checked out Rick's art and left a couple of bloggies. That baby photo! I'm pondering it.

Thanks for the plug of my latest video. I had a LOT of fun making that!!!!

Hoping you and Casey rock the "'yunk" tonight gurl. Will we see a video of the debauch- er, I mean, festivities?

Casey said...

Easy, Billy boy :)

I admit I'm too tired to view the details of Josh's post today... but... it was a lot of fun getting to see my diva after more than a year!!! The night of debauch... --ery has yet to occur though... we both have to work tomorrow... we'll have to hold off until Thursday night. :)

TrainingtoTri said...

Oh you are such a sweetheart! Thanks for posting about Tina's shop, she's so talented. I can't wait to watch this video tonight!

Rick Watson said...

Lovely video Bill Fogle! Very nice! At first I thought it was YOU in the hose and heels! I was expecting a drag show! Well, Judy IS pretty much a drag show!

Keep these videos coming! I love it!

Maybe I'll brave up and post a video of my own someday! My, there's no limit to what you can create with this stuff!

Rick Watson said...

By the way, Josh... thanks for the shout out and kind words about my blog! I'm putting up a new piece of art daily! Check it out!