Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary @ UPenn!

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Today is the big day that I have been waiting a long time for! Pennsylvanians are finally heading to the polls to make their decision on who they think should be the Democratic presidential nominee. It felt so good to finally walk into that booth and push that VOTE button. I don't think I need to tell you who I pushed it for! Philadelphia had been buzzing with excitement over the past week - this election is inspiring a great deal of passion in people. It's so awesome.

Last night the Clinton's held one last rally at UPenn here in Philadelphia. I almost didn't go, but some friends from work talked me into it at the last minute. I am so glad I did. It was one of the most exciting, uplifting events I have ever attended in my life. We were blessed to find spots on the ground near the entrance. We had a chance to meet all of them, get pictures, autographs and handshakes on their way in and the way out! They obviously made themselves very available to the crowd - which I found extremely impressive. I was a little worried when I talked to them, though, because I had just eaten a falafel wrap and was afraid I had serious garlic breath!

Chelsea, Bill and Hillary gave uplifting speeches. They were fired up and completely right on point. The speech Hillary gave may have been the very best I have ever heard her give. Without jargon, she laid it all out on the table and had the entire crowd going crazy. I was sure that she would make a great president before, but after seeing her last night there is not a doubt left in my head. She wants this so passionately and she really wants to make a positive change in this country.

My experience last night was undoubtedly a dream come true. This was the very first time I have ever seen an actual President. He was very approachable and even carried on quick conversations with some of the guys in the crowd around us. He reminded me of my Dad. Chelsea was sweet, pretty and the easiest to approach. It was such a blessing to walk away with pictures of them - but the highlight of my evening was when I shook Hillary's hand, told her good luck - and then she looked at me and said "Thank you." My heart melted.

I have made a quick video of the evening. It was hard to squeeze it all into 5 minutes, but I did the best I could. Enjoy! I am headed down to watch CNN - it's 8pm and the polls are just now closing. Good luck, Hillary!!

Love you all!



Casey said...

Gurl... you are a rock star. PA worked out for Hillary... but unfortunately the ride isnt over.

And so the beat goes on...

Edro Edro said...

That had to be even more exciting that meeting John Michael Montgomery at the Garrard County fair!

Congrats on the win!

Anonymous said...

It's just incredibly exciting that you got to come this close to these people. I had to chuckle when I heard Chelsea was making the rounds of the gay bars.

Anonymous said...

I like it that Bill says, "Even if we had not been married, I'd be standing here today ..." It sems to me this campaign must have drawn them together more as a family. And that's totally wonderful.

One of your most exciting videos ever (after the one with me in it, of course).