Friday, April 4, 2008

Josh Hood or Josh from the Hood?

Hello.Hey Bloggy Friends!

So, I come today bearing an interesting topic. It could be rather controversial, so keep an open mind! I just thought it could promote some interesting conversation, and maybe a few opinions that would get our minds working. Maybe it's not a big deal at all and I'm just hyping it up too much. Whatever the case, here goes...

Recently I returned some books that I don't need to a large, corporate bookstore here in Philadelhpia. My credit was like $82. A few days later I noticed that the credit appeared twice on my bank statement!

Of course my first reaction was, "oh, I need to go back and return the money." But last night Alan and I watched a documentary about how evil corporate America could be. And in class today someone mentioned Robin Hood and a big light bulb lit up over my head.

Wonder if I take that extra $82 and donate it to an smaller organization, like one that provides books to sick children, or to schools that can't afford books for it's students. Maybe I could give it to Dolly's Imagination Library, that provides books to children from birth to like five years of age in her hometown of Sevierville, TN.

I could be like Robin Hood, except I didn't actually steal the money - it just landed in my lap!

What do you think, Bloggy Friends? Is it totally wrong of me to think this? Should I just return the money to the bookstore it came from? Should I donate it to a cause that is less fortunate?

I'll put up another poll to the right for you to vote on and we can decide together! I also welcome any comments. Since it may be rather controversial you are welcome to respond anonymously so no one, including me, will know your opinion.

In the end we could come up with an organization to donate it to, if any, and I can donate it in the name of "Josh and his Bloggy Friends!" It could be a fun bonding experience.

Anyways. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. I look forward to seeing your opinions!!

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

Whew! Can't keep up with your blogging this week! Every time I check in there's one or two new blogs. Not complainin'!

The fact that you thought it through as you did means more than anything else. You thought it through and arrived at a conclusion based on your best ideas/motives. NOT thinking, doing the knee-jerk reaction, is what is "wrong."

A smaller organization would have had employees that cared about errors in the billing/refunding.

Rick said...

Nice thoughts on donating it to a more needy organization, however..... I feel you should return the $82 to the bookstore. It's the right thing to do. Your conscious will be at ease and kharma will be on your side.

Maybe you could suggest that idea to the bookstore. Then at least you know you tried a little bit to send it on to someone in need. If not, then you know your own mind is clear. It's only $82. Let it go. You'll forget about it in days, but your soul will not!

Do the right thing girl!

Luv ya and can't wait to meet Galileo! Tell me when you're coming to Lville, as I know you will. We'll do dinner!


Rick said...

in addition.... corporate will probably find the error eventually and charge your account back for the $82 without even telling you! So avoid all doubt and possible confusion and return it.


Anonymous said...

Rick is totally right. But I wonder if they can charge the amount back without notifying you?

Joshua Middleton said...

At this point I am positive they will not recognize the charge. It's been a while and has already been cleared in my bank.

Anonymous said...

Return it! It's the right thing to do! Just because other companies are doing wrong doesn't mean you should. 2 wrongs don't make a right! I know your going to be the good Kentucky boy and do the right thing! Also, think how you might feel if the shoe was on the other foot. If you want to donate then do it on your own terms not by forcing another company to donate according to your wishes.

Casey said...

Wow... this is a tough one. I gave a convenience store clerk back a dollar they game too much in change from the other day. I didnt want the cashiers drawer to be short.

A short drawer obviously isnt the case here.

BP does make a valid point above . If I were in this situation though, I'd also be in a pickle!

How about this... you have enough bloggy friends for us to perhaps raise $82 and donate to a worthy charity. I guess the thing is to find a way to do small contributions online. Dolly's Imagination Library might be a good choice. Nothing controversial for anyone.

Edro Edro said...

I'm all for the Josh in the Hood idea. I think most people would've kept the extra dough for themselves without thinking twice, but you really want to do something good with it. So wouldn't the most "right" thing to do be to give it to someone who could really use it. I know those huge corporations donate millions to charity, but I'm sure that philanthropy doesn't begin to compare with what the fatcat execs take home.

Being an English teacher in a fairly well-to-do suburban district, even I know the struggle to keep "good" books in your library/classroom so I'm all for donating it.

Rick said...

give it back and donate your own money!

Rick said...

how bout this? if it's been a long time since this occurred, then just keep it, BUT be prepared, at any time, for them to contact you wanting their funds back! Then, you'll owe them $82 out of your own pocket! I just have a feeling they will find the error on down the line, whether it's 2 mos, or 6 mos. I assure you when they find it they will pursue recovery!

it's your decision gurl, i can't believe this has turned into such a traumatic decision!!! .... no further comment! ;)