Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Shout-Out: Hal, III

Hey, Bloggy Friends! It's a double bloggy day today, because I just found out my good friend Hal is celebrating his birthday today!

For those of you who don't know, Hal is the boyfriend of one of my best friends CASEY. I've known them both for almost 10 years now and consider them to be among my closest of friends, even though we live hundreds of miles apart.

I met him when I was living in Nashville, and that is where he and Casey reside today. He's a big fan of hockey and has even been known to throw down some mad acting skills in the theatre from time to time! Hal's sense of humor is one of my favorite in the world. He is witty, smart and quite a charmer. I hope he has the best birthday ever! Believe me, he deserves it after putting up with that Diva Mimi all year long!

Happy birthday Hal!

Love you all,



Casey said...


Learn it,

P.S... Thanks for the shout out to my Blake.

hal said...

Aww... you're too sweet, Josh. Thanks for the kind words and shout out. That pic brings back memories of a great day. Can't wait to get up and see you in Philly soon.

Love ya,