Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holla, Bloggy Friends!!

Let's all give a shout-out to Mimi Correll who's holding it up in Fort Worth, Texas this week!!! Holla, Mimi!!!!! Show 'em what a true diva is all about! I wish I were there to hold it up with ya, Gurl. We'll have to start making all your work trips turn into Diva Trips!!!!!!!!

Hi, Bloggy Friends. I hope you are having a fantastic afternoon. I know that all of you are just counting down the days until Santa comes. What are you getting for Christmas???? I hope it's the best one ever.

My brother and sister are here and we are having a fabulous time. I'm actually really drunk right now. I know, I'm a terrible role model. We just came back from some karaoke action in Center City. We had an awesome time and totally rocked it out with some Loretta Lynn, Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain and Mary J. Blige!!!! Speaking of Mary J. Blige, her new album came out today. Her new song "Fine" is tha bomb!!!

I'm so happy to have my brother and sister here, it is definitely a very special time for me.

I have been getting lots of videos, but haven't had a great deal of time to sit down and do any editing and all that. I guess everyone is busy at the holidays, so it's understandable. Stay tuned for some fun stuff in the very near future - including another Road Trip to Kentucky. We're all going to be driving back in our little car, so there's no telling what will be going on! They better behave!

Tomorrow we are taking a bus to New York City. This will be Derek and Alex's very first time there!! I'm so excited to take them, and I hope I don't have a hangover. Ugh!

I love you all and hope you are having an awesome week before Christmas. Remember that the true meaning is not the gifts and how much money you spend - it's the honest amount of time and thoughts you give to others! That goes for everyday of the year though, so holla back!!

Love, Josh J. Blige.


eddie said...

You're a mess. I love it!

See ya soon!

TrainingtoTri said...

Love you too! Soooo glad we have reconnected! I am totally coming to visit Philly in the spring and I want to go sing some karaoke. My song is Warm it up Kris - by Kris Kross, you know it!

Have a safe trip home! We'll be home the 28-30th, so if you feel like meeting up, let me know. If not, no biggie, I know you don't get a lot of time with the family.


livertransplantbill said...

OK, it took me a minute. Casey, right? Hey, off my back girls I'm the only one who's not from Kentucky here! Josh, did you know that I went to high school in ... in ... KING OF PRUSSIA?!

Mimi was what I called my grandmother when I was a kiddo. Karaoke wasn't invented yet.

Oh Josh I can't believe you are drunk by 10:30 at night! That is terrible! I prefer to be drunk while the sun is still out.

Casey said...

Gurl! Thanks for the shout out... I didnt a lot of time on the internet this week... so I'm just now seeing this post.

I cant wait to see the videos with your family. I am sure you are going to have a lot of fun. I hope you have safe travels! I'm about to scoot out of Nashville to head to East TN for a few days.

Happy Holidays!