Monday, November 5, 2007

Gettin' Things Done: My Hood!

Hey Bloggy Friends! I hope you guys had an awesome weekend. We were very busy, as we shopped all around the city for some apartment essentials before we move in next weekend. It was quite a success! We purchased some great new items for our home and I can't wait until it all gets set up!

For those of you interested, I found this short video about Manayunk on Youtube today and thought I would put it up for you to see. Manayunk, as some of you know, is the neighborhood we are moving into. It is a cute, trendy, rather quaint neighborhood just outside of Center City Philadelphia. I'm excited to get to know it better and become an official Manayunker!

Have a great Monday, Bloggy Friends. Talk to ya soon!

Love, Josh


Casey said...

Gurl... you are going to fit right into that neighborhood. It looks really fun.

I cant wait to go to the Brewery!!!

Bill said...

Used to get pizza from "Le Bus" (it's mentioned in the video) on the U of P campus. They had a choice of white or whole wheat crust. The bus was clay red.

I like this: "You can be out of the city but still get a city feeling."

Was there a canal near Manayunk? I'll have to check.