Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sugar Roadtrip 2007: Day Five, Pt. 1

Hey Bloggy Friends! Whew, I have enough footage for another two parter today. I will post the second part of Day Five tomorrow.

Check back to see the city we deicded to go to at the spur of the moment - I'm super excited about it!

Until then Bloggy Friends.

Love, Josh


Casey said...

Aww... I'm blushing.

The Hotel Casey... how nice... people come in... and out... on a regular basis.


P.S... that squirrel wasnt hearing a bit of Whit.

P.S.S... I like hotels named Casey... and squirrels.

ItsBillFogle said...

Actually the camera "accident" was perfect, just as you were talking about solar power we see the sky.


CresceNet said...
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Tara said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Man, this is Burley from KY. I am really enjoying your blogs. I just sat and caught up to here on my morning break..... you guys are great. Hope the trip is still boppin/rockin.... will check more on later break

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh and Alan,

We miss you guys! Hey Alan, Lunch isn't the same without you---I had smoked SALMON last week and no one to share it with....Booo..

P.S. Josh, I've been finding a ton of new music! Wish you guys were here.