Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Weekender: Salmy Sunday

Hello Bloggy Friends! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I know you are probably just as excited as I am that it is almost Friday!!

Today's bloggy video is of an event in our home that has become a weekly tradition. We affectionately call it, "Salmy Sunday." Salmy Sunday started about two and a half years ago on Valentines Day, when we decided to celebrate by eating something red. We (when I say we I mean Alan) cooked Barbecue Salmon and it turned out to be so delicious that we wanted to make it a staple in our weekly diet. Now, every Sunday is "Salmy Sunday." We call it Salmy because we like to make everything into a cutsy word, and yes, we did coin that term before Oprah did!

We don't really cook a lot around here, if we do it's steaming vegetables or warming up a soy chicken patty. Our schedules do not allow a lot of time for cooking, but Sunday is the perfect day for us to relax, have a nice dinner and crack open a delicious bottle of wine. I look forward to it all week long!

Here is a little video that I filmed this past Sunday. I hope you enjoy. Have a great rest of the day and I'll see you tomorrow!

Love, Josh

Warning: The Following Bloggy Video May Make You Very Hungry!


Casey said...

Oh... that was fun... felt like I was a part of Salmy Sunday.

Loved how my gurl was rocking the headband too... Yeow!

Bill said...

Mmmmmm. I can taste the crunchy steamed broccoli and carrots on the side! Beautiful presentation!

I agree with Casey. Head gear always seems to indicate we're in for something special from Josh.