Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sugar Roadtrip 2007: Day Two

Hey Bloggy Friends! Here is a video of our second day of road tripping. It is so beautiful along the Northern end of 101 - I love it so much. The Redwoods are a magnificent sight to see, no doubt.

I hope you enjoy the video. Click HERE for pictures taken throughout the whole day - don't worry I won't be boring you with tons of tree pictures!

Love, Josh


Casey said...

Gurl... I was a bit scared that high on the tree... Mimi is scared of heights.

Sounds like you all are having so much fun.

Keep up the posts...

P.S. I dont mind if you scratch a mirror in a rental car.

Bill said...

No kidding! I almost had one of my nervous attacks when you were walking high up on that tree ... and with a camera no less! Can't wait for the next 200!

Ryan A. said...

Josh, great video, now I can check the Redwoods off my to-do list. Can't wait for the next update, maybe I'll be in it. Safe travels.