Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tampons... Ha Ha Ha Ha!

If you want to make me giggle, crack a joke about tampons, or just say the word tampon for that matter! For some reason tampons just make me laugh - maxi pads do too. I know they are kind of gross, and a sore subject for most of our female friends, but for some reason I can always find a reason to smile about tampons. Tampons. Chuckle. Maxi Pads. Smile. Douche.

Today I was using one of the unisex bathrooms at work when I looked over from the toilet and saw this lone silver box sitting out in the open all alone. When I read the sign I thought it was prety bizarre that this box was designated for the sole use of depositing tampons (Giggle) and it was just sitting out in the middle of nowhere! I sure would hate to be the person to clean that out!




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