Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Making The Rounds, Pt. 1

As most of you know Alan and I are moving to Philadelphia in September. He accepted a position at a pharmaceutical company there called GlaxoSmithKline. We are both super excited about the move and can't wait to experience life in a whole new city!!

As the days quickly count down before departure I am starting to realize how much I will truly miss San Francisco. Of all the places I have lived, this is undoubtedly the most unique and fascinating. San Francisco is so beautiful, it embraces an amount of culture and diversity that is unrivaled in any other city in the world. I am proud to have lived three years of my life here. I have learned so much about myself and about life since I have been here, it is a gift I will treasure in my heart forever!

Recently we have been making mental lists of all the things we want to do in San Francisco before we take off. There are so many restuarants and points of interest that we have yet to experience, and some that we must visit again! Last weekend we decided to dine at a pizza restaurant not far down the street called Pizzeria Delfina (www.pizzeriadelfina.com). This place is quite a hot spot in town, usually when we pass there is a massive crowd of people outside waiting for a table. We went around 5:30 so we would be sure to beat all that craziness. We did end up having to wait for about twenty minutes, but boy was it worth it! The food, which is made from the freshest of local ingredients, was superb! We started with wine and an appetizer of tuna and marinated cannellini over watercress - yum! For the main course we had a pizza called Broccoli Raab, which was topped with broccoli raab (this looked more like spinach to me), ricotta, oven-dried tomatoes and mozzarella. The service was super friendly and the atmosphere was upbeat and fun.

If you are in the area I definitely suggest you try it out for yourself!

Here are a few snapshots I took with my phone while we were there.




Anonymous said...

Josh - Thanks for the email, I am totally going to read your blog! We haven't been in touch lately and I am so happy to hear you are moving to Philly! That is only about 5 hours from Cleveland! We'll have to have meetups in Pittsburgh and I want to run the Phlly marathon. You will really like Philly, it's a nice town and close to NYC. Best of luck and if you are going to be home in August for your HS reunion let me know, I might be able to come home.

The artist formally known as peter pan - monica

Paloma said...

i had no idea you were moving to philly! it's very exciting and a beautiful city but the west coast will definitely miss the two of you.... love paloma

Casey said...

I'll miss visiting you in San Francisco, but look forward to visiting Philly and taking the obligatory "Rocky" photo!!!